Zhaozhou bridge

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Four Famous Bridges in Ancient China-Luoyang Bridge & Zhaozhou Bridge

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BC Spiritual Source

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Zhaozhou Bridge, Shijiazhuang: Hours, Address, Zhaozhou Bridge Reviews: 5/5

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I've been here Haven't been here. 0. Want to visit Don't want to visit. 0. Rating: 0. Adolphe Bridge. Luxemburg City, Luxembourg. Zhaozhou Bridge in the Shijiazhuang area, China Are you looking for a cheap Zhaozhou Bridge hotel, a 5 star Zhaozhou Bridge hotel or a family friendly Zhaozhou Bridge hotel?

The Anji Bridge (simplified Chinese Plain to the Central Plains around Kaifeng and Luoyang followed a path that crossed the Xiao River near Luanzhou (later Zhaozhou and now Zhaoxian) in today's Hebei province.

Flowing west to east through a plain that was relatively low-lying on both sides, the Xiao River was an important artery for. Jul 14,  · Zhaozhou Bridge Interesting place to visit and well worth a trip if you're staying in Shijiazhuang. We went early to beat the crowds as we were told it is a popular destination to visit/5(55).

Zhaozhou Bridge (or Anji)

1. Select a tour & submit Browser a tour that most suits you and send us the tour with your custom request. 2. Quote for your tour Receive our tour proposal with rates in one working day. The Zhaozhou Bridge is the oldest standing bridge in China and the world’s oldest stone segmental arch bridge.

Built in AD, it is still standing strong today, over years later.

Zhaozhou bridge
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Zhaozhou Bridge