Us air force suicide prevention

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United States Air Force Suicide Prevention Program (AFSPP)

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Suicide Prevention in the Air Force: One Loss Hurts Us All

US AIR FORCE SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM 3 MICHAEL E. RYAN GENERAL, USAF CHIEF OF STAFF PAUL K. CARLTON, JR. LIEUTENANT GENERAL, USAF SURGEON GENERAL PREFACE The United States Air Force is committed to maintaining a fit and healthy force because the health of the Air Force community is crucial to force readiness.

Sexual Assault Prevention Response Suicide Prevention Airman & Family Readiness Chaplain Corps Drug Demand Reduction Program Psychological Health Diversity and Inclusion Air Force Wounded Warrior Program History.

Heritage Emblems. Wings Squadrons Interviews References Spotlight Units Contact Careers. ANG Title 10 Stat Tour. Air Force Suicide Prevention Program "As part of our key priority to Develop and Care for Airmen and Their Families, we are dedicated to the well-being of our Airmen and their overall physical and psychological health.

11 Elements of the Air Force Suicide Prevention Program: The AF Suicide Prevention Program is built on 11 overlapping core elements stressing leadership and community involvement in the prevention of suicides.

The US Air Force Suicide Prevention Program: Implications for Public Health Policy

Leadership Involvement: AF leaders actively support the entire spectrum of suicide prevention initiatives in the community.

Annual Suicide Prevention. Suicide prevention is the responsibility of the entire Air Force community. These videos train Total Force Airmen – including Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Civilians – to build a resilient Wingman culture.

The Air Force Suicide Prevention Program (AFSPP) has been found to have achieved significant relative risk reductions of rates of suicide and other violence-related outcomes, including accidental death and domestic violence.

1 The AFSPP, now in its 13th year, is an example of a sustained community-based effort that directly addresses suicide as.

Us air force suicide prevention
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