Should women drive or not essay

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Your essay topic may not be entirely different or unique, but your senior year can be. The essay that is above is, actually, a speech, but I"m going to, also, use it as an essay. This essay talks about the limitation of women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

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Why Aren't Saudi women allowed to drive?

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I Believe People Should Be Treated Equally

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Not. Women should not drive big SUVs because it give them false sense of security because it is so big, you cant hardly feel the road in reality that they are traveling much faster.

Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

Although women are legally not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia, women in rural areas and other areas outside cities do drive cars. Many Saudis believe that allowing women the right to drive could lead to Western-style openness and an erosion of traditional values.

Should women drive or not essay
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