Rural women migrating to urban garment

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Rural to Urban: Migrant Women in China

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Effects of Rural to Urban Migration in Urban Areas Unemployment: Increased movement of people from rural areas results in a surplus workforce in the urban areas.

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In. the cities in Bangladesh are experiencing rapid urbanization and rural urban migration is the most important factor behind it. Bangladesh is one of the highest rates of growth of urban population.

Millions of rural people are migrating to divisional cities of Bangladesh. Rural women, like women in general, may also perceive migration as way to escape traditional gender roles, gender-specific discrimi- nation or gender-based violence. First, global population growth is slowing due to declining fertility rates and an aging population.

Second, the pace of rural-to-urban migration is waning in many regions. Urban areas have water sources in most homes, but national figures reveal that only % of the poor have a water source in their homes. Sanitation facilities are available to 77% of the rural residents and 84% of the urban population.

Rural-urban labour-related migration is essential to the development of export-oriented industries and, in turn, a fundamental aspect of the economic growth and structural transformation of LICs.

Despite the importance of (female) rural-urban migration for industrial growth, migrants still face significant barriers to assimilating in cities.

Rural women migrating to urban garment
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