Room automation system

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Hotel Automation

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Building automation

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Building automation

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Honeywell INNCOM develops energy management, lighting control, and integrated room automation systems for the global lodging and healthcare industries. Honeywell INNCOM develops energy management, lighting control, and integrated room automation systems for the global lodging and healthcare industries.

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security, and other hotel staff groups. The Guest Room Automation System enables hotel guests to experience enhanced comfort through microprocessor-based smart bed-side consoles, which allow them to operate all the systems in their room such as lights, air-conditioner, TV, music system etc., from the comfort of their bed with a touch.

It's the most complete, full-featured home security system we've tested, and doubles as an automation platform for your other smart home. The core of any automation system is light and appliance control. X equipment controls the majority of the lights in the room.

These modules are. Hotel Room Management System, which includes Access Control, Guest Management, & Building Management Systems; in compliance with standards such as to ensure guest comfort and security, as well as open protocol and architecture to be operated with Building Management System, energy saving and eco friendly oriented.

Room automation system
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