Repressed memory should not be used in courts essay

Should Evidence of Repressed Memory be Allowed in Court? Essay Sample

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Repressed Memory Should Not Be Used In Courts Essay Sample

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Repressed Memory Essay

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Validity of 'Repressed Memories' Challenged in Court

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Hypnosis and Recovered Memory Testimony Essay The admissibility of testimony based on recovered memories is an area of great debate. Whether retrieved through hypnosis or other means, the use of memories that were once unavailable to the witness as a basis for criminal prosecution is a sharply contested practice.

Repressed memory is a complex and controversial phrase that suggests that the memory of an event is kept from conscious awareness because of the overwhelming anxiety associated with the memory.

The article below is a historical perspective of recovered memories in the courts. It reviews cases through To our knowledge, the period from through was the time with the most recovered memory cases involving families.

Why Repressed Memories Should be Used in Court Many people connect Freud with repressed memories, but a current debate continues about recovery of memories of victims. Golding, Sanchez, and Sego () state, “The essence or repression lies simply in the function of rejecting and keeping something out of conscious” (p.

). In this essay it is argued that repressed memory should not be used as evidence in court. The main arguments are presented against the validity of repressed memory used as evidence in court.

The Reality of Repressed Memories

Firstly, evidence that suggests that people use repressed memory as a use of financial gain within the court system. Unfortunately, in the repressed memory cases, particularly when memories do not return for 20 or 30 years, there is little in the way of documented corroboration.

This, of course, does not mean that they are false.

Repressed memory should not be used in courts essay
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Validity of 'Repressed Memories' Challenged in Court