Reaching equilibrium in tobacco litigation

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Antitrust Analysis Of Category Management: Conwood V. United States Tobacco

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Conflict Vs. Mistake

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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Reaching Equilibrium in Tobacco Litigation | Recent pro-plaintiff developments in tobacco litigation may lead to the conclusion that such litigation will go on.

Both the Florida and West Virginia trial plans are subject to serious constitutional challenge.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Two possible serious threats to the tobacco industry remain – punitive damage awards and cases for economic loss based on fraudulent marketing of light cigarettes. reaching equilibrium in tobacco litigation James A. Henderson, Jr.* Aaron D. Twerski** Recent pro-plaintiff developments in tobacco litigation may lead to the conclusion that such litigation will go on endlessly and threaten the financial viability of the tobacco industry.

Preliminary Draft: 11/10/06 Do not cite or distribute without permission. ANTITRUST ANALYSIS OF CATEGORY MANAGEMENT: CONWOOD v. UNITED STATES TOBACCO.

Reaching equilibrium in tobacco litigation
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