Owner representation

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Owner Representation

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Owner’s Representation

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We will make relatable, impartial information so you have the right to make educated and timely decisions. The owner's representative selected for the Project is expected to act on District's behalf in overseeing the project through site selection, planning, design, construction and into occupancy.

Organized to support all aspects of capital projects, Zubatkin Owner Representation is a project management and owner representation firm founded in CIS Inspects Owner Representation Services give you the kind of oversight capability you've been waiting for.

Throughout construction, our team of professionals will personally visit the property to check the builder's progress against the original planning documents. Owner Representation Keeping Your Project on Track.

As your Owner’s Representative, FaciliNet has the experience and resources to manage your construction and move projects efficiently and effectively. Owner Representation Through our primary business function of portfolio management, L&B currently represents owners on more than $ billion of institutional-quality real estate.

L&B is able to extend this management service to lenders and investors in need of a short-term. Owner’s Representative services are an essential part of ensuring the phases of a construction project are completed with the client’s best interests in mind.

Owner representation
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