Oedipus aristotelian or formalist theory

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Aristotle and Oedipus: Analysis of Ancient Greek Literature

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Aristotelian criticism

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Other articles where Aristotelian criticism is discussed: literary criticism: Antiquity: of all discussions of literature—Aristotle countered Plato’s indictment by stressing what is normal and useful about literary art.

The tragic poet is not so much divinely inspired as he is motivated by a universal human need to imitate, and what he imitates is not.

Aristotle is one of the most famous of ancient Greek writers.

Oedipus Aristotelian Or Formalist Theory Case Study Solution & Analysis

He noted that a tragic hero must, by definition, carry with him a fundamental /5(3). According to Aristotle's Poetics, Oedipus Tyrannous is tragic hero due to his hamartia and peripeteia.

In Greek tragedy every hero eventually shows signs of weakness and flaw. In Greek tragedy every hero eventually shows signs of weakness and flaw. Oedipus The King The Greek drama Oedipus is clearly a Aristotle’s tragedy.

It definitely meets the five main criteria for a tragedy: a tragic hero of noble birth, a tragic flaw, a hero‘s downfall, a moment of remorse, and a catharsis. From a Formalist theory perspective of Teiresias’s speech two literary devices are used that effectively increase the drama of the play and tie in a central theme and those are symbolism and tone.

Oedipus the Cliché: Aristotle on Tragic Form and Content

Symbolism in Teiresias’s speech begins to build the tragic irony of the play and to establish one of the themes of the play of sight versus knowledge. This frequency of mention (a veritable top ten list of Aristotelian literary criticism) has led readers to assume that the Oedipus Tyrannus is Aristotle’s gold standard for tragedy.

Oedipus aristotelian or formalist theory
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