Management of pressure ulcers in elderly patients

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The Management Of Pressure Ulcers In Elderly Patients

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Pressure ulcers: Current understanding and newer modalities of treatment

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Management of pressure ulcers

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The cost of interventions to prevent pressure ulcers is inestimable.

The Management Of Pressure Ulcers In Elderly Patients

2 With an estimated 20% of hospitalised patients (equating to around 20, hospitalised patients at any one time) developing pressure ulcers 2 and many more in the community and in care homes, estimated to be around 30, 3 the time is ripe to direct efforts to eradicate.

The focus of this paper will be elderly patients and the following topics will be discussed; risk assessment, patient assessment, pressure recognition and removal, non-surgical treatments/advice, complications of pressure ulcers and surgery.

To describe important aspects of pressure ulcer prevention and management, especially in elderly patients. Design We reviewed pertinent published material in the medical literature and summarized effective strategies in the overall management of the elderly population with pressure ulcers.

elderly person, prevention of skin breakdown needs to be a major goal. Given certain and it has been estimated that 70 percent of pressure ulcers occur in patients older than 70 MANAGEMENT OF PRESSURE ULCERS IN OLDER ADULTS Enzymatic Debriding Agents (e.g.

Santyl) Supplements the. Read more about how critically ill patients have factors that put them at risk for developing pressure ulcers despite implementation of pressure ulcer prevention bundles: Shanks HT, Kleinhelter P, Baker J.

Skin failure: a retrospective review of patients with hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.

Management of pressure ulcers in elderly patients
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