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The Holocaust

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Holocaust survivor shares story with Team Kadena

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Jakob Blankitny

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Legally, I was in the same skills as my father. For the past ten years, the Holocaust survivor and American liberator have traveled, sharing their story.

Born In Hell: A Holocaust Survivor's Story Of Horror

They say there is a message they want people to take away from it. Survivor Stories Honoring Holocaust survivors remains at the heart of our mission.

By collecting and recording Holocaust survivor stories, we keep their memories and histories alive for future generations. Indeed, for Mary, The Florida Holocaust Museum is “a second home.” It is a living memorial to her family.

(Mary sharing her Holocaust Survivor story with students via Skype in ). A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust-Survivors. Click on a survivor to go to their page and find out about their story.

Each page contains a brief life history and a series of films in which each person tells their story. Click the 'play' button in the centre of each video to watch the film.

List of Holocaust survivors

Double-click each thumbnail to. Behind Every Name a Story; Jakob Blankitny The Museum’s Behind Every Name a Story project gives voice to the experiences of survivors during the Holocaust.

JAKOB'S STORY. Of all my family in Poland, I was the only survivor. From the daughter of Jakob Blankitny: Fifty-four years after our father's liberation, my sister and I joined him.

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