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Nongovernmental Organizations and Undirected Associations Egypt has a long introduction of voluntary associations.

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What events happened in Egypt in the 1950s?

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The Western countries, suspicious of the religiously-inclined Muslim Brotherhood, have also appeared to acquiesce to Sisi's takeover. Targets of terrorism in Egypt have included government officials, police, tourists and the Christian attacks have been linked to Islamic extremism, and terrorism increased in the s when the Islamist movement al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya targeted high-level with the politics leaders and killed hundreds in its pursuit of implementing traditional Sharia law in Egypt.

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Your World Discovered! Egypt. Journey to the land that gave the world pharaohs, mummies, the Sphinx, hieroglyphics, eye makeup and even toothpaste with our range of Egyptian adventures that include festive departures and.

Provides an overview of Egypt, including key events and facts.

Egypt current event
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