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A digital menu board is your opportunity to bring the menu to life. It goes beyond listing the items available for choosing — it includes enticing graphics, edutaining videos, lists specials, and everything else you want your customers to know.

The technology group Wärtsilä has developed a lock entry assist system that will facilitate a vessel’s approach and entrance into waterway locks. WAND provides several digital restaurant menu board and software packages tailored Easily Customizable · 3,+ Locations Served · 50+ Brands · 24/7/ SupportService catalog: Service Catalog, Digital Menu Boards, Creative Services.

Scala’s platform for creating, managing and deploying digital content is a reliable and user-friendly software system that gives marketers and retailers total control over how and where content is played across a network of screens, ensuring relevance to current audiences. Digital menu boards include one or more digital displays, a media player, content creation software, mounting system, SD card and HDMI cable.

Digital menu design services are available but offered separately.

Digital menu board
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