Baseball speeches

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Walter Johnson

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Baseball Motivational Quotes

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Baseball is Americas past time, some of the greatest players played in the past of baseball. What is Baseball? Baseball is a sport that is played between two teams and nine players on each team, baseball is a bat and ball game that last for nine innings.

Baseball athletes and the baseball community as a whole continues to grow year after year as young athletes and sports fans gain respect for the hardship and practically year round battles players endure for the love of the game.

Full text and audio of Important 21st Century Speeches in the United States of America.

Jackie Robinson

Jim Caple offers his top five baseball movie speeches, which include Gary Cooper's rendition of Lou Gehrig's speech 75 years ago. These speakers have inspired thousands or even millions of people around the world, some even long after they've died.

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Baseball speeches
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American Rhetoric: Important 21st Century Speeches in the United States