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What rhetorical devices and purposes are in JFK'S inaugural speech?

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Tell, Don't Ask

What is Chiasmus? So you may have heard the name, but exactly what is chiasmus? Chiasmus (pronounced ky-AZ-mus) is a rhetorical device that originates from the Greek chiazo, meaning “to shape like a letter X”.It is a figure of speech in which the second half of.

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New -- 20 January In President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, he provided what is quite possibly one of his most famous quotes. Style is most often thought of as making choices about the levels of language, i.e.

grand, middle, and low. And style also concerns the choices one makes of tropes and schemes. A concern with style is a concern with eloquence matched with kairos. The John F. Kennedy inaugural address was 50 years ago to the day – on Jan. 20, It remains an iconic American speech and is the subject of Google’s Thursday home-page doodle.


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