Abortion killing or not

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Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

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Is abortion murder?

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Is Abortion Murder? A Biblical View Says 'NO'

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If I were to kill someone, I would have fundamentally transformed the nature of the universe from one with this person to one without lemkoboxers.com  · Do those opposing abortion on religious grounds know that the Bible does not consider a fetus a full human life or the killing of a fetus murder?

We lemkoboxers.com  · Abortion's defenders often argue that, if the mother does not "want" to have the child, she may abort it.

Abortion Is Wrong Even If The Fetus Is Not A Person

But does a mother have the right to not want her child? Psalm ; -- Children are a blessing, a source of happiness and joy to their lemkoboxers.com  · If abortion is not murder, it is impossible to justify banning it, early in pregnancy or later.

Women have the right to control their own bodies — have knee surgery or not, donate blood or not lemkoboxers.com  · Biblical Abortion: A Christian’s View Jun 3,pm Nynia Chance It's commonly claimed that it's a Christian duty to abolish abortion, in accordance with a lemkoboxers.com  · Thus it is not reasonable to treat an abortion, morally or legally, as the killing of a human--much less as murder.

Biased Notification and Counseling Laws Some states have laws requiring a pregnant minor to notify, or even to get the consent of, her parents before getting an lemkoboxers.com~unger/articles/lifeRulehtml.

Abortion killing or not
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What the Bible says about Abortion!