A biography of benedict arnold a military hero in canada

Benedict Arnold Biography

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A biography of benedict arnold a military hero in canada

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Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold's expedition to Quebec

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Mitchell traveled to Montreal to take up reproducing command of that make. Mount Vernon had the chance to sit down with James Kirby Martin, author of Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary Hero: An American Warrior Reconsidered (order online), and Cullen University Professor of history at the University of Houston, to discuss the heroism and treachery of Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary lemkoboxers.comees: Benedict Arnold: Patriot and Traitor.

William Morrow and Inc. ISBN This book is a comprehensive biography, and goes into great detail about Arnold's part in military operations in Quebec, as well as much of the behind-the-scenes political and military wrangling and infighting that occurred prior to.

Watch video · In SeptemberBenedict Arnold, who had been a hero of the American Revolution, was discovered to be a traitor. Karen Lee of Ancestry looks back at his military. Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, CT on January 14, His family life was troubled to say the least, even though his father was a successful businessman.

Benedict Arnold, (born January 14,Norwich, Connecticut [U.S.]—died June 14,London, England), patriot officer who served the cause of the American Revolution untilwhen he shifted his allegiance to the British. Thereafter his name became an epithet for traitor in the United States.

Benedict Arnold Biography

Benedict Arnold got on his horse, and with no command or authority, rallied the soldiers. He rode his horse in front of the American troops, inspiring them. The battle of Saratoga is won by the American Continental army, but Arnold is wounded.

A biography of benedict arnold a military hero in canada
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Biography for Kids: Benedict Arnold