1945 election

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Indian general election, 1945

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Conservative vs Labour since 1945

Background: This is a collection of Nazi posters from Posters from are on another page. Many are taken from photographs made by Dr.

Robert D. Brooks at the German Federal Archives. A collection of pre posters is also available. The images are thumbnails. Events from the year in the United lemkoboxers.com year sees the end of World War II and a landslide general election victory for the Labour Party.

The Beveridge Report (Beveridge is pictured above) originated from Sir William's chairmanship of an obscure interdepartmental inquiry into the co-ordination of social services.

Clement Attlee has been elected Britain's new prime minister after Labour won a sweeping victory in the general election.

The outgoing prime minister and great wartime leader Winston Churchill tendered his resignation immediately. constituencies, seats: See below Although the main part of the election was held on 5 Julysome polls took place on 12 July and 19 July.

The main result was ultimately declared on 26 Julypartly because it took time to process the votes of those serving abroad. Election ends in Hung Parliament. No party wins a majority in parliament as Theresa May's Conservatives lose seats in England and Wales to Labour and .

1945 election
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