10 to 20 lines on nature

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The 10 best nature books

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From the clouds to the sea, With Mother Nature we agree, For as long as humans live, Mother Nature, will always give. by lemkoboxers.com A few of my favorite poems about nature were written by famous poets such as Emily Dickenson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Robert Frost. Life and nature are similar concepts because nature is the study of how life acts and interacts within the circle of existence.

12 Lines - Poem by Gordon David

When we take the time to examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within our own lives. ONLY poems listed here or in the current printed anthology are eligible for the competition.

Nature is often seen by humans as natural resources. People cut down trees, mine ores, and grow crops. Fires, cars, and factories make a lot of smoke and harm many places. People who like to leave nature unharmed and those who feel they need to use more of nature often fight about what they should do.

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Nature’s Art Gallery A poem of 10 lines. Syllabic, with lines of 8/6/4/2/10/2/4/6/8/10 No metrical or rhyme requirement. My Example ‘S Okay (Carpe Diem) Today has started out okay. My house did not burn down.


My coffee’s good and hot. My .

10 to 20 lines on nature
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